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  • Unifi connection problems


    I keep experiencing really bad internet connection in BJM library. My internet keeps dropping out and tends to be worse when more people are around.

    I have noticed it to be worse on 1st floor BJM on the communal desks on the SE side of the uni.


  • cleaners finish before opening

    It would be more conducive to study if cleaners were to finish cleaning before the library opened. Instead of having to hear them banging around with their bins and trolleys whilst trying to study.

  • lack of help

    The lady at the service desk just did not want to help me. Can the university please consider hiring staff that will be understanding and be ready to help? as soon as i approached her I could sense that she just wanted to brush me off as soon as she could. i needed help with printing and instead she told me to go to uni print when I've already spent over $10 here trying to print a document. Added stressors are not appreciated.

  • Notes

    There has been no note acceptor on Reid library card top up machine for ages now. Please fix it, very poor not having this especially for international students!

  • Buy a book "molecular biology of cancer 4th edition by lauren pecorino"

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    Buy a book "molecular biology of cancer 4th edition by lauren pecorino"


    Molecular Biology of Cancer
    Mechanisms, Targets, and Therapeutics

    Fourth Edition

    Lauren Pecorino

    June 2016å

    ISBN: 9780198717348

    400 pages

  • broken

    Typical. Your webpage is broken. It just says page not found after you submit a suggestion.