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  • Students sitting at library computers using lap tops

    Hi, there are a few computers available on the first floor of Reid Library at the moment. However, I have struggled to find a seat and computer as there are students sitting in front of computers using their lap tops only.
    This is very frustrating.

  • air con

    the air cond in the law library is soooo cold
    like a freezer every day
    i got sick due to the coldness

  • Greater advertisement that the third floor is a SILENT zone.

    Could we please have some more signage/reminders that the third floor is a silent study zone? The noise seems to have increased since last year, with people thinking it's okay to have full volume conversations on the top floor. Can we please have some more signs/roving librarians until freshers realise that they can't discuss what happened at Mexicana at full volume on the top floor.

  • Respond to suggestions faster

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    Why does it take you so long to respond to the suggestions?
    It's almost as if you're not really interested and just doing this for show.

  • Why cant the library provide gold coins to students in exchange for notes?

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    AS the library hasn't fixed the machines that top up our cards for photocopying in a year, why cant the library collect the coins and give some to the librarians so they can be exchanged for notes? I don't carry my debit card everywhere but I usually have some notes. Coins are difficult to obtain from shops but the library must get a huge amount every week.

  • Students not using library computers should not be at the computer desks

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    A lot of students are using their own laptops at the computer desks preventing the library computers there being used by other students.
    This means many students have to miss out during peak times despite computers being available.