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  • Hi, can you please address noise around silent zones in Reid and BJM libraries?

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    Please consider placing permanant signage on each study booth/desk, and having library staff conduct half-hourly walkthroughs to approach and deal with noisy students.

  • Please patrol postgrad study room at Reid library

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    Dear library staff,

    Please patrol postgrad study room as there were belongings left on multiple desks but no one is occupying the desk. I am a postgrad student but am unable to find a desk for me to study in the postgrad study room. As a result, I had to go to other floors to study.
    Please also ensure the people who are using the postgrad study room are actually postgraduate students.


  • First floor entrance

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    Are there any plans to do anything about the first floor entrance?

    I understand you guys probably don't want theft but what about making it entry only with a turnstile?

    It's really annoying coming from physics/geology.

  • Stop trialling new onesearch or give us the option of using the old one

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    Did no one actually test the new onesearch out before forcing it onto the entire student body? You can't even backspace a search in the new onesearch without going back 5 pages. It's near impossible to highlight text you just put into the searchbar, the cursor just goes between characters without highlighting anything. The lag is unbelievable. Don't know what could have made it seem like a good idea to be first in the world to trial a new system.. At least give the option to use the old system as well as this new one, because the new one is useless.

  • opening hours

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    i am just wondering why doesn't reid library have 24hour access? even curtin and murdoch university has 24 hours learning spaces....

  • USB Type-C Charging cables on charge stations

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    It would be great to have USB Type-C cables on the mobile phone charging stations. It is the latest gen of USB and will soon supersede Micro USB as the default charge cable type.

    It is currently used on last gen Nexus' and Google Pixel devices! Thanks :)