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  • Unattended Baggage

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    Can you please remind students not to leave unattended baggage around campus. As a former airport employee, I find it hilarious that a university would allow students to leave bags unattended, without causing an evacuation. Many times last year, I observed many bags left in rooms around the engineering buildings and libraries. Some of these bags had laptops in them with cables coming out into powerpoints.

  • Chrome for Library Computers

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    Hello, can we please get Google Chrome for library computers! Getting this software will make a significant difference to my student experience while at UWA - please please *on hands begging* Firefox and Internet explorer are unusable with some websites (for example; Google Drive will not work with Internet explorer on Library computers); this is really not acceptable for a University as large as UWA - I have been on PCs at Curtin University and they have this. Can you please advocate for us students and see that this is raised!

  • Exam period opening hours

    Hello. Could you please consider having the extended opening hours during exam period run over the weekend after exam period as medical students have their exams the week after everyone else. At least at the med den library. Thanks.

  • please ensure at least one library is open after 5pm during medical students' study periods

    please ensure at least one library is open after 5pm during medical students' study periods

  • Electric stapler

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    Can the library get one of those super strong electric staplers for large amounts of paper?

  • Using Inbox by Gmail as an option for student email

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    Would it be possible to turn on "Inbox by Gmail" for (at least) the student GSuite?

    It's essentially a modern, organisable form of Gmail with the ability to eg. pin important emails at the top of the page (eg. if I need to think about a reply), add reminders, 'swipe' away emails when they're done to archive them etc.

    I tried accessing it earlier today and reached this page: so I figured it'd be best to ask and see - I realise that the introduction of a new product necessitates testing etc.