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  • On closing over the Easter break

    It's absurd that a secular academic institutions panders to ecclesiastical holidays and shuts down over an entire weekend

    This is not helpful for busy students who have work to do

    Please review this for next year and have at least one library open.

  • where are the staff?

    Where is the staff desk at Reid Library? Every other library has staff at a desk.

  • Noise levels in teaching room 2

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    There is a group of delinquents being obnoxiously loud and disrespectful in teaching room 2. They are constantly laughing and talking even though it is a silent zone.

  • headphones broken

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    Every headphone at every computer in every library is broken. This is completely unacceptable.

  • Concern about the fire drill

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    I was in Reid library last Wednesday (29th) when we had an evacuation of the library. I was on the third floor. Having been a teacher, I was alarmed by a couple of health and safety issues.

  • Earlier opening times for BJM Library

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    Please consider opening the Science library at 7 or 7.30am during weekdays.

    Thank you