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    It takes too long for these suggestions to get published.

  • Find out who was responsible for developing the UWA referencing guide

    Seriously, if the endgoal was to select the most cumbersome awkward referencing style possible then you're worthy of a Nobel Prize. They should name a library after you.
    Forget Marshall and Warren, you guys are the true heroes of our generation.

  • firefox update


    could all the computers get a firefox update, please?

    Best regards

  • 1st floor?

    Can the group tables please be removed from 1st floor? It is essentially a defacto-collaborative area now. There's no point in asking staff to help when every single table is talking. The problem is it looks collaborative.

  • 24 hr library access

    Do you think that now the library refurbishment has been completed that 24 hour access to Reid (or even better, BJM) could be trialled again?

  • USB scanner

    The USB scanner at Reid Library hasn't been working for years. Can it please be replaced?