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  • Noise on 3rd floor

    There is still no progress despite all the previous suggestions asking you guys to have someone permanently patrol the 3rd floor. I've been on the 3rd floor for 7hrs straight today in the heart of exam week and not once did I see a library staff member walk around the 3rd floor main study area, yet when i go down to get food I see a security guard sitting at the reception watching YouTube videos.

  • Library new book

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    Attention: Book Acquisitions Team

    New Book about local Australian author remembered as a peer of George Orwell, Somerset Maugham, and Pablo Neruda in Myanmar

    Pioneering Australian Writer and Guide Dr Bob Percival Eulogised in Newly Published Book ‘Opening Up Hidden Burma’ – now availalbe in Australia

    An Australian author and historian who walked in the footsteps of George Orwell, and Rudyard Kipling in Myanmar’s Yangon is acknowledged as a literary hero and heritage protection pioneer in a newly published book recently released in Australia.

  • Coldness in Barry J Marshall Library

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    Please can we increase temperature in Barry J Marshall Library. Students (particularly during study week) are sitting in here for long hours and it is freezing.

    Also the power points are only accessible on the tables on the outer perimeter (which is underneath the fans) this makes it even colder for students who wish to study for long periods.

    Your prompt response would be appreciated.

  • Fix the fire door closer on top floor near Q799.99

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    Can you please fix the door closer on the top floor near the Q799.99 shelves?! It keeps slamming shut and it's driving me insane.

  • yet another year 12 rant

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    University logic:
    - Members of public pay taxation, so they and their children are entitled to use the University library, a public space. I agree with this.

    - University students not only pay taxation, but also a $200 per semester SSAF, but are _not_ entitled to priority study space in libraries. This is where I don't agree.

    Universities are public spaces and the public are entitled to use them BUT NOT to the exclusion of currently enrolled students and not during peak periods where there is no room in the libraries to house them.

    Examples of strategies to fix this:

  • Technical help

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    The library staff in both the morning and the afternoon were incredibly helpful. They assisted me with with a technical issue that has been bothering me for the entire semester. Wish I came earlier