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  • Prevent people saving booths on Reid ground floor

    Can we please implement a policy which prevents books/bags being used to save unattended booths for extended periods of time.

  • Reid 1st Floor Entrance.

    Please open the 1st floor door it makes the walk from MCL to Reid so much easier.

  • add a pdf printer to the library computers

    It would be really useful if there was some form of PDF printer on the computers, like pdfcreator so we can make pdf files from applications.

  • standardise referencing

    Is there any real purpose for UWA having their own bibliography styles customised from elsewhere? Not all of us want to use EndNote. It makes using any other referencing program a pain!

  • Reid Library Existing Entrance

    Open the existing first floor entrance on Reid library. Students who are going to physics building or arts building don't want to walk down then up again.

  • Cleaners laughing and talking on the silent 3rd floor

    Dear Barry J Marshall Library,

    Could you please tell your cleaners to work more quietly. Two mornings in a row now there have been 2 cleaners walking around on the 2nd and 3rd floors laughing and talking. The third floor is a silent zone and the noise level should be at a level conducive to study. Could you please inform your cleaners to alter their disruptive behaviour.