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  • Library kitchen and computers on the first floor

    The new Medical and Dental library is reallly nice.I just have some minor suggestions for the kitchen area. It would be really useful for there to be a bin in this section as well as napkins and disposible cutlery for when you forget to bring your own, like the other libraries on campus.

    Something else that would be useful is if there were computers on the first floor for general use. It can be hard to concentrate on the ground floor when using one of the computers as this is more of a collaborative area.

    But overall this is a wonderful new space which I enjoy studying in.

  • Automatically search AUS/US spellings on Onesearch

    Would it be possible to have Onesearch automatically search for both Australian and United States spelling? E.g. "organisation" and "organization", "colour" and "color" etc.

    It's always a bit annoying having to search twice for the same query.

  • Problems accessing Library room bookings from iPhone

    I used to be able to book group study rooms from my iPhone. Now the page won't load, and if I select the 'use page reader' option nothing happens when I enter the details for a booking.

  • Chairs in new MedDent Library are too low for the desks

    The new desks and chairs in the refurbished library are all lovely and new - but the chairs are too low for the desks!!

    I'm not a short person, and even I find the ergonomics difficult. Studying for any length of time at one of the workstations is going to be hard on the spine.

  • Reid 1/F entrance

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    Bokuwamou Shindeiru

    Any reason why the 1st floor Enterance is still closed. It's been closed for a few years now. It would help to distribute traffic away from ground floor as it is hard to find study spaces there.

  • The book's title is The Swedish Jews and the Holocaust

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    The Swedish Jews and the Holocaust, Rutledge 2017
    The only, to my knowledge, monograph on the subject in English.