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  • Solar benches

    Any chance we could get solar benches with wireless charging like the ones at Curtin. It’s a bit sad that the best uni isn’t trying to compete with their competitors.

  • Praying Area

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    It is very frustrating to search for praying area in the library. In the main campus, you can easily go to the prayer room in Winthrop Hall, but it is very helpful if there is a prayer room in every library. So you do not need to leave the library. I suggest using the area below the stairs beside the Learning Suite in J.Robin Warren library (as I usually do my assignment here). Please just ask the cleaner to clean the area and put a carpet there. Moslem pray 5 times a day, so it will be really helpful if the library can provide a praying area. It doesn't need to be a big room actually.

  • Auto-renew feature on the borrowed books

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    Hi, Can you please introduce an auto-renew feature on the borrowed books, which have not been requested by others. Curtin library has the feature and is very useful.

  • Sleeping area

    There are people often having a lie down on desks or chairs around the library. Maybe the university could have a designated area where people can sleep in sleeping pods or where they are allowed to sleep for a bit instead of sleeping at the library.

  • mobile connection in libraries

    Now I know mobile phone use (insofar as talking is concerned), is a taboo in library buildings. But mobiles serve other purposes.

    The mobile reception is really bad in Reid Library. I suppose having an old building built pre-wireless considerations doesn't help, but seriously on telstra I get like 1 bar in the PG room dropping to zero, and in some areas of ground floor I get 0 bars.

    For comparison, Curtin Uni have a mobile phone cell tower literally on top of the library building

  • Someone’s left their stuff

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    Hi Reid library,

    It appears someone’s left some really expensive stuff unattended at the computers in first floor Reid. It’s been over two hours now. I hope she comes back for it.