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  • Chairs in new MedDent Library are too low for the desks

    The new desks and chairs in the refurbished library are all lovely and new - but the chairs are too low for the desks!!

    I'm not a short person, and even I find the ergonomics difficult. Studying for any length of time at one of the workstations is going to be hard on the spine.

  • Reid 1/F entrance

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    Bokuwamou Shindeiru

    Any reason why the 1st floor Enterance is still closed. It's been closed for a few years now. It would help to distribute traffic away from ground floor as it is hard to find study spaces there.

  • The book's title is The Swedish Jews and the Holocaust

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    The Swedish Jews and the Holocaust, Rutledge 2017
    The only, to my knowledge, monograph on the subject in English.

  • Maintenance Reid Library

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    There are a number of circular fluorescent globes that need replacing on the north side of floor 3 at the Reid and maybe elsewhere. The doors to the toilets east side of floor 1 & 3 could do with hinges lubricating to reduce squeaking. Thank you.

  • please fix links to trove!!!

    I use Trove frequently as the search engine is better, but none of the links to UWA work. Please fix it!!

  • END Auto sign-out of OneSearch

    It is bloody annoying to have OneSearch sign out automatically after a few minutes. Facebook doesn't require it why can't you!!!

    If the issue is security well consider this: Having it log out automatically is only useful on public computers in the library. For people using OneSearch at home or college it is not helpful, it is more of a hindrance and distraction.

    In fact I would argue it is a greater security risk to have it log out automatically because it increases the likelihood of advanced keyloggers retrieving sign in information.