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  • Onesearch

    hello, can you change the default search on the library homepage back to the catalogue search and just have onesearch as an optional tab? i find that onesearch is very slow, has a clunky interface, involves more steps than necessary simply to access a database, and requires SSO login when i access it from home.

  • Science Library Toilets


    Is it possible to get paper towels in the toilets again? I know that they were taken away because people were blocking the toilets, but the toilets are still blocked without them. The air-dryers don't work properly and have been shown to increase the spread of bacteria/germs etc - it'd would be great if we had paper towels to help us maintain high standards of hygiene.

  • Science Library Cafe Noise Reduction

    Could you please close the sliding glass doors that lead to the Science Cafe from the Science Library? There's already enough noise from the students in the library without needing the additional noise from the cafe.

    Thank you.

  • Charge double-sided printing as a single page

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    I think it would be better to encourage students to save paper when printing by charging duplex printing (both sides of paper) as only 1 sheet.
    I believe there is a similar system in place in the pathology department.

  • Loans history

    You could keep records of the books borrowed throughout a degree (a list) – interesting from a methodological/ evolution of thinking perspective

  • Waterless urinals

    i would like to suggest that all the libraries get waterless urinals in all the mens toilets. i see them in lots of other places and uni should be trying to set an example and save water.