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standing computers

Hi, I like to use the standing desks on the bottom floor. I have a back injury and they are great for working while allowing my body sufficient time in a standing position such that my spine can resest and my hamstrings don’t become too tight, however I was told off by staff for using the computer. I had been using it for about fifteen minutes before someone informed me I had to leave. I found the interaction quite distressing as staff did not allow me to close my work before leaving. I suggest if these are staff computers that staff are actually around using them and not just take offence when someone else touches them.

Hi, Thank you for your


Thank you for your Suggestion.

The two standing PCs directly in front of the of the entrance to the Reid library are for staff use only and are labelled indicating this. Students are not permitted to use these machines as they host systems necessary for staff to be able to troubleshoot client issues when they arise, however there are student standing desks toward the west end of the ground floor (near the western staircase) that are available for student use.

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