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Unifi connection problems


I keep experiencing really bad internet connection in BJM library. My internet keeps dropping out and tends to be worse when more people are around.

I have noticed it to be worse on 1st floor BJM on the communal desks on the SE side of the uni.


Unifi at Reid Library

Unifi seems to be unstable, disconnecting and reconnecting, which is causing trouble with authenticated sessions in my browser. Requiring me to log in numerous times.

Would be great if this could be looked into.

Internet Speeds

The internet speeds available at the University fluctuate far too much to really be reliable, at close to 5pm on a Thursday in Reid first floor, I am getting 0.24Mbps (

This is not fast enough to work effectively as it takes a matter of minutes to load pages. It is laughably divorced from UWA's dreams of being a world class University.

Whilst sometimes I can find up to 1.5 Mbps near the Science Library, it is not really reliable and you never know when you will get good internet.

Please, please do something about this.

Unifi Connection in Law

When a class of students is accessing Unifi at the same time, or many students are working in the library, Unifi will fail to connect.

It works fine when there are fewer students, or if I'm one of the first students to connect at the start of a lecture.

Please improve the infrastructure — I'm typing this tethered to my iPhone, which should really be unnecessary.

Unifi Coverage

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I reckon the university should have a broader coverage for wireless. Unifi speed is extremely slow in places like the Clough Engineering Student Common Room or no reception at places such as Hackett Hall, Sports and Rec Centre, Arts Lecture Room 10 and possibly more places around the campus.

I hope IS can increase its Unifi coverage soon and also possibly to replace the old modems/routers with new ones so that the Internet speed is always fast. Thank you

Getting better connection in bottom floor of Reid Library

My devices won't connect to Unifi on the bottom floor of the Reid Library since it is so congested in busy times (which are normally the times I am at uni). If I am collaborating in that area, I need internet access. It is close to impossible these days to work without it.

Please either put in another router or improve the settings please, it would be greatly appreciated and the many people that use that area will be grateful.

Thank you.