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Science Library


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During non exam periods can Barry J Marshall be open untill 2 am as it is a much nicer library and atmosphere?
I know Reid may have more resources but as more and more resources are online it seems a waste to close Barry J Marshall at 10pm.

Teaching Rooms

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Dear all concerned,

Chargebars at uwa libraries

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I think that it's great that libraries now have the chargebars for people to charge their phones. However, one major flaw is that no one uses them because they are unsafe. There are no lockers or any way to lock your phone into the charger so that people can't steal them. So if you need to use a charger you basically have to loiter around the charger for half an hour. Also, in the Science Library the charge bar is located right next to a walkway, which makes it super easy for someone to walk past and grab your phone without anyone noticing.

Sci lib opening hours

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It would be great if the Science library could open earlier on weekends. This morning, 7/6/14, there was a line of about 50 or so people outside the science library waiting for it to open at 10am. It would be great if it could open at 8am on the weekends, at least during study week and exam periods. It would also be good if it could open earlier during the week.

Science Library computer mouse not working

For a large portion of this semester, there has been a multimedia computer on the first floor of the science library opposite multimedia room (M3) with a faulty mouse. There is even a sign saying "mouse not working". At peak times it is very difficult to find a spare computer and extremely frustrating when the display near the staircase indicates a spare computer when it can't even be used. It would be great if this easily fixable problem could be addressed.

There are also many computers in the Reid library collab area which have been faulty for the entire semester.

Mouse on Science Library Computer '49-SCI' Not Working Well

The mouse on computer '49-SCI' in the 1st Floor Science Library Parents' Room is hard to move and control around the computer desktop. It is also a challenge to navigate, click and highlight sentences/paragraphs with the mouse.

The mouse might require either replacing, repairing or cleaning.

Please investigate.

Thank you.