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opening hours

opening hours

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i am just wondering why doesn't reid library have 24hour access? even curtin and murdoch university has 24 hours learning spaces....


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During non exam periods can Barry J Marshall be open untill 2 am as it is a much nicer library and atmosphere?
I know Reid may have more resources but as more and more resources are online it seems a waste to close Barry J Marshall at 10pm.

Any chance of becoming 24 hours

Hi. Is there any chance the medical library can have student/staff access around the clock similar to the Reid library set up. This would be extremely useful in particular for clinical students who have varying contact hours.

Music Library Opening Hours

Similar to the suggestion for the EDFAA library, can the music library be open at 8 am? I understand it may be difficult to find staff to open it earlier, but many music students arrive at university early for rehearsals etc., so it would be great if we could also use the library for study in amongst that time. Otherwise it is a waste of time to go to Reid first and then have to move back to Music after 30 or so minutes. Thank you.

Opening Hours for EDFAA Library

Can the Edfaa library open at 8am on weekdays? Due to limited campus parking you need to be here around 8am to get a spot. However the EDFAA library don't open until 8.30am. This means a lot of wasted time sitting in your car.
This also only gives you approx 20mins to print out lecture notes/ prep etc before rushing off to lectures that start at 9am. This is frustrating as 30mins was wasted in the car park.

Music Library hours

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Could the Music Library be open all week like Reid? I'm a PhD in Music - and need to access scores that are in the library. However, my time to do so is limited by the current hours of the library. It would really be helpful if we could get better access, including all days of the week. Please?