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Computor IT Maintenance

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Could the computers in the BJM library please get some maintenance; Internet Explorer is incredible buggy on most of the PCs on the 2nd and 3rd floor (I have tried a few) and it is really affecting my study; maybe could the IT staff please consider installing Chrome? I find it a little frustrating that this is still an issue when I have been to other universities such as Curtin who don't have this issue at all, Thankyou

Set default browser to Firefox rather than IE

Could you make Firefox automatically load the library website on log in, rather than Internet Explorer?

Clean the keyboards on the computers in Reid Bottom Floor

Could it be possible to clean the keyboards in reid regularly

To increase the space and computers in postgrad area of the Reid

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To increase the space and computers in postgrad area of the Reid

Mind map program for library computers?

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A mind mapping program on the library computers might be nice :) There are some free ones like MindNode and FreeMind. My laptop is too old to support them .. :( I like mind mapping programs for assignment planning an diagrams.

Replace headphones in Reid Library

A very high number of computers in Reid have completely non-functioning headphones. Can IS please have them replaced over the break, preferably with a more durable model that don't easily break over semester?