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END Auto sign-out of OneSearch

It is bloody annoying to have OneSearch sign out automatically after a few minutes. Facebook doesn't require it why can't you!!!

If the issue is security well consider this: Having it log out automatically is only useful on public computers in the library. For people using OneSearch at home or college it is not helpful, it is more of a hindrance and distraction.

In fact I would argue it is a greater security risk to have it log out automatically because it increases the likelihood of advanced keyloggers retrieving sign in information.

Record video lectures in the capture system

I know you guys don't do the audio visual stuff for lectures but can you suggest that the university starts considering video recording lecturers as opposed to just the powerpoint content? Curtin videotapes nearly all lectures and lets you view the lecturer. It follows them around the room. And on top of that it records the two projector's output like we do!

It's so much better than what we have!

Blackboard Mobile Learn Not Working

Blackboard Mobile Learn does not work properly on iOS. Currently it does work but it does not adjust to mobile devices and does not send push notifications. The current Blackboard is also not intuitive to use. Please fix this as it makes me very sad.

Echo360 Subpar?

Being From an hour and a half away makes me want to do all the work I can from home as ill get more done. When where paying upward of $1000 per unit, I would expect better online lecture recording solution. When the lectures show a few slides and the rest of the class is on the blackboard its extremely frustrating to try and piece together the material. Honestly why are there no cameras showing the front of the room, I cant imagine it would be a great expense and would be extremely useful in most cases, as shown at other institutions.

LCS playback speed, only audio is allowed to be played at a different speed, can you please extend that to the visual as well?

First of all thank you for listening to the students' suggestion to allow users with the ability to control playback speeds.

It is a very very useful feature and I can't thank you guys more for that.

However, when I choose the media playback speed at a speed that is x2 (twice the original speed), the video window stops working when the speed is other then 1.0.
i.e., only the audio content is allowed to be played at a different speed.

Therefore, may I suggest CATL and IS to allow the video window to be played at a higher speed?

Extend Echo Recording Time

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Hi there,

Is it possible to extend the Echo Recording times on lectures?

At least 90% of my recorded lectures are cut off because the recording time of 48 minutes is not long enough.

Thanking you for your consideration,