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Outage noticeboard

It's quite pathetic that the university does not have a central notification system for IT outages like every other organisation has. Today both unifi and onesearch went down and I had to go and ask other people what was going on. How am I meant to prove this to my unit coordinators. Check out and related services, to keep staff and students informed. Communication in relation to IT at this university is absolutely atrocious.

(Not your fault btw, I know IT is seperate, but how do I contact them?)

Students sitting at library computers using lap tops

Hi, there are a few computers available on the first floor of Reid Library at the moment. However, I have struggled to find a seat and computer as there are students sitting in front of computers using their lap tops only.
This is very frustrating.

Students not using library computers should not be at the computer desks

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A lot of students are using their own laptops at the computer desks preventing the library computers there being used by other students.
This means many students have to miss out during peak times despite computers being available.

Allow login and sync of passwords for Chrome browser

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Chrome browser on the library computers will not allow bookmarks, extensions and passwords to be synced for logged in users.
There is no justifiable reason for this.
Removing this restriction would make it a lot more convenient and efficient for students without laptops.

standing computers

Hi, I like to use the standing desks on the bottom floor. I have a back injury and they are great for working while allowing my body sufficient time in a standing position such that my spine can resest and my hamstrings don’t become too tight, however I was told off by staff for using the computer. I had been using it for about fifteen minutes before someone informed me I had to leave. I found the interaction quite distressing as staff did not allow me to close my work before leaving.

Update Java version on the computers

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Can you please update the Java version on the computers?
I can't run a lot of modelling applets for my research project.