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standing computers

Hi, I like to use the standing desks on the bottom floor. I have a back injury and they are great for working while allowing my body sufficient time in a standing position such that my spine can resest and my hamstrings don’t become too tight, however I was told off by staff for using the computer. I had been using it for about fifteen minutes before someone informed me I had to leave. I found the interaction quite distressing as staff did not allow me to close my work before leaving.

Update Java version on the computers

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Can you please update the Java version on the computers?
I can't run a lot of modelling applets for my research project.

BYOD Staff

Please provide a contact number or email address that allows me to directly talk to the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) staff on the library website. I have tried to arrange numerous meetings after applying multiple times for a software key for a necessary program related to my course. Without it I can't do the required online tutorial for my unit. A contact number or direct email address would be greatly appreciated as they are no longer situated on campus, making follow up extremely difficult!


Go back to the old homepage, or at least place shortcuts on the new homepage for lms, etc.

firefox update


could all the computers get a firefox update, please?

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Install onedrive for business/education on library computers

It would be great if onedrive (provided by the university) was available in file explorer on library/lab computers. I presume there is a way through active directory/group policy to also have it logged in to our accounts. Would be very convenient for accessing files instead of using a browser.