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Buy a book "molecular biology of cancer 4th edition by lauren pecorino"

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Buy a book "molecular biology of cancer 4th edition by lauren pecorino"


Molecular Biology of Cancer
Mechanisms, Targets, and Therapeutics

Fourth Edition

Lauren Pecorino

June 2016å

ISBN: 9780198717348

400 pages

library staff needed

Went to TWO libraries this weekend and there are NO library staff present. Face to face communication is what makes a library functional. NOT having to contact someone on the phone! Absolutely not cool! Also library should be 24/7!

Return Opening Hours

Can you return the opening hours poster to the outside of the glass doors? The present one is hard to read because it's so far away.

Noise levels in teaching room 2

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There is a group of delinquents being obnoxiously loud and disrespectful in teaching room 2. They are constantly laughing and talking even though it is a silent zone.

Earlier opening times for BJM Library

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Please consider opening the Science library at 7 or 7.30am during weekdays.

Thank you

Change to no sleep policy in Barry J Marshall library


I do understand that people sleeping in the library can maybe annoy some, also I understand that sleep at desks when people are struggling to find a work space can be infuriating. The university shouldn't be seen as a free home where one can sleep and shower for free...