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Keep phone silence and turn off vibration notification

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Hi, can you help to inform other users to also turn off their vibration notification? I have quite a few occasions that some users constantly receive text msg and their phone keeps vibrating on the table and producing nuisance noise. It seems that their phone was in sync with their laptop and they were having a chat with their friend on laptop but they left the phone on the table which constantly vibrate when they receive txt msgs.

Add statistical Excel add-on powertool on BJ Marshall computers


For (i think) all degrees in the science faculty, we need to use certain programs to calculate statistic results of data for reports, experiments etc, which are common assessments used in science.

END Auto sign-out of OneSearch

It is bloody annoying to have OneSearch sign out automatically after a few minutes. Facebook doesn't require it why can't you!!!

If the issue is security well consider this: Having it log out automatically is only useful on public computers in the library. For people using OneSearch at home or college it is not helpful, it is more of a hindrance and distraction.

In fact I would argue it is a greater security risk to have it log out automatically because it increases the likelihood of advanced keyloggers retrieving sign in information.

Unifi connection problems


I keep experiencing really bad internet connection in BJM library. My internet keeps dropping out and tends to be worse when more people are around.

I have noticed it to be worse on 1st floor BJM on the communal desks on the SE side of the uni.


cleaners finish before opening

It would be more conducive to study if cleaners were to finish cleaning before the library opened. Instead of having to hear them banging around with their bins and trolleys whilst trying to study.

Buy a book "molecular biology of cancer 4th edition by lauren pecorino"

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Buy a book "molecular biology of cancer 4th edition by lauren pecorino"


Molecular Biology of Cancer
Mechanisms, Targets, and Therapeutics

Fourth Edition

Lauren Pecorino

June 2016å

ISBN: 9780198717348

400 pages