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  • Displayed Accrued Penalty Points When Borrowing

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    Student of Mech-Eng

    I was hit with a $25 fine recently, which was due to an accumulation of penalty points from returning reserve books late. Had I realised I was accumulating penalty points I probably would have be more punctual in returning these books. I realise it is ignorant to have not returned the books I borrowed on time but I would like to suggest that when checking out a book, if you have any penalty points, these be displayed before you can print a receipt.

  • Smaller tables in lawbry ground floor

    When the lawbry ground floor desks are next changed, would it be possible to choose slightly more space efficient options? The hexagon pattern is certainly visually appealing, but it's somewhat awkward to navigate, and provides far more desk space than 90% of us need. It's also an appealing area for discussion, so it would be nice to have more smaller desks available.

  • Drink Fountain

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    Arts Student

    Dear UWA library, would it be possible to fix the drink fountain on the 2nd floor of the Reid library? It has been out of order for weeks and I fear it may be taken away as the Reid Cafe` fountain was a few years ago (making students buy bottles of water). The fountain is located near the Scholars' Centre (end of 700's books).

    Thank you,

    Arts Post-grad student

  • Unfair behaviour

    On several occasions, I have noticed people saving tables and computers for friends, which is understandable. However when it is during exam time and places are at capacity, perhaps it isn't very considerate to do so especially if the table/computer remains 'saved' for more than 30mins. Even though there are signs warning that belongings will be removed to the service desk this has never been enforced. Perhaps the librarians should enforce this so that everyone can have an equal right to a study spot/computer.

  • Anti-virus message appearing on Science Library PCs

    When you log into some of the computers in the Science Library a small box pops up where the Sophos anti-virus icon is saying the following:
    "Quarantine manager:
    Threat detected by Sophos
    Suspicious Behaviour
    HIPS/Reg Mod - 014
    Available Actions:
    -No actions (insufficient rights, please contact your administrator)"
    I've contacted Evan at the Student Internet Office at Reid Library and he told me to lodge a suggestion in the suggestion box at the Science Library so that you can get IT to look into it.

  • Science Library furniture

    Make the tables a convenient height in the collaborative area.