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  • Publish map of Unifi/SNAP access points

    It would be great if we could see exactly where the wireless access points for Unifi and SNAP are located. I don't mind if there are "dead zones" for reception - this is a limitation of the technology, after all - but it would be good to know where to sit to have a better chance of connecting. The current Unifi map ( doesn't really explain where the access points are, inasfar as it's very low resolution and doesn't depict on which floor the access points are located.

  • Scholars' Centre wonderful - Science Library's postgraduate room needs computers

    Thanks for the Scholars' Centre, it is wonderful! Could we have one or two computers in the postgraduate study room in the Science Library as well?

  • Double-sided printing should be cheaper

    Students printing on both sides of paper should be discounted because they are not using as many pages. They are saving paper so they should be charged a cheaper rate for printing. Where's the incentive to do the right thing?? Thanks.

  • Science Library 3rd floor men's toilets

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    The taps in the Science Library third floor mens' toilets only go on for about five seconds - it's not possible (and definitely not recommended) to wash your hands in such little time. Could you please extend the water flow duration? Also I understand that you've removed the paper towels because some idiots were flushing it down the toilet but the hand dryer is really inefficient. There's only one of them and it takes at least 40 seconds to dry your hands with it. It's awkward doing this when you've got someone else behind you also waiting to dry their hands.

  • Rude Reid Cafe Staff

    Apart from the overpriced bland food - the staffers at the Reid Cafe seem to be very pushy. I can't put my change away before I am moved off to the side!

  • Protestors Hanging Around Library Annoying

    I don't think it is fair that I can't walk to the library or sit in the library in peace. Every Tuesday it seems that someone is protesting against something and they are always shoving flyers at me or shouting at me.

    These people should be removed from the doors of the library to the stairs or somewhere obvious but not where they are blocking my path.