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  • Loans history

    You could keep records of the books borrowed throughout a degree (a list) – interesting from a methodological/ evolution of thinking perspective

  • Waterless urinals

    i would like to suggest that all the libraries get waterless urinals in all the mens toilets. i see them in lots of other places and uni should be trying to set an example and save water.

  • Warning signs about thefts in the library

    I left my wallet on a desk for about 2 minutes and someone took it in the interval.

    It is my suggestion that bold signs should be put inside the library for people to take care of their stuff. (Reid Library)

  • More laptop lockers please!

    Your name: 

    There are never enough computers available in the law library. Now that we have a wifi network that actually works (Unifi), could we please have more facilities for laptops, i.e. more powered laptop lockers, please!!!

  • Internet access in Library

    How can I access the internet in the Library?

  • Turn off the Science Library lights at night

    Turn the lights off at night and when the building is empty.