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  • student volunteers

    Hello, I've noticed the recent change to having student volunteers out front to assist people. Yes they study the courses and probably use the library in a similar way - but it is not the same. It's completing lacking the professional touch and the ease of asking someone a simple question and getting a helpful answer. The librarians on the front desk are always friendly and helpful during the week and ground the whole experience. The student volunteers on the weekends make for such a frustrating experience especially with exams round the corner.


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    The 4th floor is ridiculously loud all the time. Please make it clearer it is a silent zone, and perhaps consider having staff regularly come up and inform people if they're being too loud. This isn't the standard one would expect of a postgraduate degree. Its loud and distracting and impossible to do work. Really really disappointing.

  • Post grad room vacuuming in EXAM STUDY WEEK 9am

    Today in the postgrad study room, there were about 5 cleaners in the postgrad room all at once. Two of whom were vacuuming. Others who were dusting and loudly emptying the bin. It is rather ridiculous to have all of this going on in a silent study room when we are trying to study for our exams, it is very distracing. This was at 9am, you would expect cleaning to be finished by this time. It would be better if cleaning was completed during the night or very early in the morning.

  • change onesearch login time

    something and you get interrupted. See? This time it's onesearch logging you off! It's so annoying

  • change onesearch login time

    its really frustrating when you're in the middle of

  • Reid library 3rd floor rooms

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    Please refurb the group study rooms on the 3rd floor of reid. they are terribly small and can barely fit two people in there. Not to mention it is hecticly claustrophobic and im not even a claustrophobe. Some of the lighting in the rooms do not work as well or flicker which is annoying. It is dark, foreboding and kindve scary to study in these rooms!