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  • BYOD Staff

    Please provide a contact number or email address that allows me to directly talk to the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) staff on the library website. I have tried to arrange numerous meetings after applying multiple times for a software key for a necessary program related to my course. Without it I can't do the required online tutorial for my unit. A contact number or direct email address would be greatly appreciated as they are no longer situated on campus, making follow up extremely difficult!

  • THANK YOU!!!!

    for google chrome

  • Chrome

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    Thanks for installing Chrome on all library computers. You guys are awesome. Now I can finally study.

  • Unattended belongings in libraries

    As somebody trying to find a free place in the library that also has power points/ethernet ports, I'm finding it very difficult as people keep leaving their belongings (including expensive laptops!!) on desks as to reserve it. I don't believe this should be allowed as there are limited desks. I for one don't feel comfortable moving another persons stuff just to take 'their' desk. This happens on all floors of all libraries. I believe they should take their stuff with them and relinquish their place, and face the uncertainty of finding a place as the rest of us do.
    Thank you

  • Sleeping pods

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    As a student who lives pretty far away from uni, it'd be really nice if we could have sleeping pods, so that we can rest for about 20 minutes before another class! I know some people might be against it considering it might be used for people to sleep for hours together but if there could be a certain time limit on it, it would be a great addition to our library

  • library staff


    I went to Reid library today to pick up a book but found it really hard to find the circulation desk. I asked someone and they pointed it out but even then it was hard to tell who were the staff because there were so many people.

    I went to the Barry library afterwards to get my card and it was much easier to find the staff because they all had the same blue shirt on.