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  • Date format

    It seems like OneSearch is presenting dates in American format now, for example in the due date for items on loan. This is pretty unhelpful, particularly in the first 12 days of the month, and without the emails reminding us items are due I wouldn't have even realised the items were due soon as the date was the wrong way around.

  • Improvement of the night time staff conduct

    My suggestion is regarding the conduct of the night time staff at the library. Too often when night time staff are approached for information there is an attitude of 'I couldn't care less'. Often I am simply told to come back during the day time which is impossible due to the nature of my studies and research. Surely at least some of these staff could be trained in a similar manner to the day time staff who, on the few times I have approached them, seem far more qualified and knowledgeable about the library and university.

  • Return Opening Hours

    Can you return the opening hours poster to the outside of the glass doors? The present one is hard to read because it's so far away.

  • Easter opening hours

    It's absurd that a secular academic institutions panders to ecclesiastical holidays and shuts down over an entire weekend. This is not helpful for busy students who have work to do. Please review this for next year and have at least one library open.

  • Fix the lights in the study rooms please

    Your name: 
    unsatisfied person

    Just want to inform you that a few of the table lights in the Reid Library study rooms are not working (either flickering, or can't be turned on at all) and it would be nice if they could be fixed asap as the room lights are pretty dim and bad for the eyes.

    (Pretty sure with the fees international students are paying, this should not be a problem)

  • Due Date Reminders

    Is there a reason the library doesn't send you an email at the moment a high demand item becomes overdue? So many times I've been at the library studying and would have avoided a heavy fine just by a simple email at the due time. Instead you guys just let the fines rack up and hope we work it out!!!