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  • USB Type-C Charging cables on charge stations

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    It would be great to have USB Type-C cables on the mobile phone charging stations. It is the latest gen of USB and will soon supersede Micro USB as the default charge cable type.

    It is currently used on last gen Nexus' and Google Pixel devices! Thanks :)

  • Hi overdue

    Hi! I'm a first year student, and I had no clue about the library's overdue items policy, or even where to return books. Because of that I have received a fine, I'm not happy about it, but I will pay it. However, I would like to request that you make knowledge of how the library functions more readily available for students, perhaps send an email to new students? I tried looking through the university's website, as well as for some sign on more than one occasion, but I found no clues. I guess I won't be eating very well this week.

  • library staff needed

    Went to TWO libraries this weekend and there are NO library staff present. Face to face communication is what makes a library functional. NOT having to contact someone on the phone! Absolutely not cool! Also library should be 24/7!

  • Date format

    It seems like OneSearch is presenting dates in American format now, for example in the due date for items on loan. This is pretty unhelpful, particularly in the first 12 days of the month, and without the emails reminding us items are due I wouldn't have even realised the items were due soon as the date was the wrong way around.

  • Improvement of the night time staff conduct

    My suggestion is regarding the conduct of the night time staff at the library. Too often when night time staff are approached for information there is an attitude of 'I couldn't care less'. Often I am simply told to come back during the day time which is impossible due to the nature of my studies and research. Surely at least some of these staff could be trained in a similar manner to the day time staff who, on the few times I have approached them, seem far more qualified and knowledgeable about the library and university.

  • Return Opening Hours

    Can you return the opening hours poster to the outside of the glass doors? The present one is hard to read because it's so far away.