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  • headphones broken

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    Every headphone at every computer in every library is broken. This is completely unacceptable.

  • Concern about the fire drill

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    I was in Reid library last Wednesday (29th) when we had an evacuation of the library. I was on the third floor. Having been a teacher, I was alarmed by a couple of health and safety issues.

  • Earlier opening times for BJM Library

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    Please consider opening the Science library at 7 or 7.30am during weekdays.

    Thank you

  • Please withdraw permission for students to eat on levels 1-3 of the Reid library. There are food smears and scraps on study tables and sticky keyboard keys; and smells

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    My suggestion is to make levels 1-3 of the Reid Library into non-eating food zones. This would get rid of sticky keyboard keys on computers, food remains and smears on study tables, litter from food containers on tables and over-flowing from small rubbish bins. And then there is the smell of other students' food while one is trying to work.

    Since the Reid is not cleaned until the following day, all food-remains sit there overnight, encouraging cockroaches and becoming a health hazard.

  • Suggestion for improvement of library website

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    Please consider the following suggestion for improvement of the UWA library website (

    On Thursday 16th of March 2017 I visited the website to find a slideshow of images and text that displayed the following three messages:

    1. New look for OneSearch. A new and improved OneSearch experience launching mid-February

    2. New to UWA Library? Your ultimate guide to UWA Library services, spaces and resources

    3. Medical & Dental Library closing for refurbishment, January - September 2017.
    Services to be offered from other UWA Libraries

  • Onesearch's new web design


    The Onesearch website changed during the summer and unfortunately has become much worse. I honestly can not work with the new layout of the Onesearch website. The design has too many bugs and glitches; For instance when you click on Load More when searching for a specific keyword, the page refreshes automatically and all the data and page numbers will be lost. With the old Onesearch I used to browse all of the pages available for a keyword, but the new Onesearch has made this task impossible.