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  • Library Quietness Disturbed by Group Tables on First Floor

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    The tables on the first floor seem to encourage groups of students who want to chat while they study. Naturally, they ought to be in the collaborative zone or cafes around the campus. It would be appreciated if perhaps there was better signage posted at these tables to remind students that this zone is a quiet zone and these tables are inappropriate for group study. Or otherwise other methods to discourage group work done at these tables.

  • Up to date

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    Hi, since they updated OneSearch, there isn't a link on the UWA Resources for Answering Clinical questions to the actual databases. Therefore, when you click on a database that you want to use, you are just forwarded to OneSearch. I could have started at OneSearch if I wanted that, but then I have to sift through the OneSearch options to actually find what I want.

    Please restore the links.
    Thank you

  • Unattended Baggage

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    Can you please remind students not to leave unattended baggage around campus. As a former airport employee, I find it hilarious that a university would allow students to leave bags unattended, without causing an evacuation. Many times last year, I observed many bags left in rooms around the engineering buildings and libraries. Some of these bags had laptops in them with cables coming out into powerpoints.

  • Fix the timetable website on iOS devices

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    An anonyed student

    Surely someone in the IT department knows how to write a few lines of HTML to fix this unacceptable problem. I find it completely irritating that the timetable website does not have an easy to use interface that is touchscreen friendly. I miss the old timetabling system. It was so easy to use.

  • Chrome for Library Computers

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    Hello, can we please get Google Chrome for library computers! Getting this software will make a significant difference to my student experience while at UWA - please please *on hands begging* Firefox and Internet explorer are unusable with some websites (for example; Google Drive will not work with Internet explorer on Library computers); this is really not acceptable for a University as large as UWA - I have been on PCs at Curtin University and they have this. Can you please advocate for us students and see that this is raised!

  • Exam period opening hours

    Hello. Could you please consider having the extended opening hours during exam period run over the weekend after exam period as medical students have their exams the week after everyone else. At least at the med den library. Thanks.