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  • Online library accounts display loan due dates in MM-DD-YYYY format. This should be changed to the Australian DD-MM-YYYY for consistency.

    The online library accounts display loan due dates in the American MM-DD-YYYY format. This should be changed to the Australian DD-MM-YYYY for consistency and to avoid unnecessary confusion. The email reminder for due loans for instance uses the DD-MM-YYYY format to display due dates.

  • Revise Library Onesearch!

    It would be great if the logging in process and usability of the library's OneSearch system could be improved or reverted back to previous versions that were simpler to use and more intuitive!

    It is very annoying to have to sign in multiple times to access content through OneSearch.
    The new OneSearch system is also incredibly slow to load/respond, is not intuitive and seems to have become harder to use than previous versions. This is especially annoying when you want to access multiple items and need to log in each time!

  • Quiet zone on first floor

    It's gotten to the point where the half-hourly reminders over the PA that "this floor is for quiet study, not collaborative study" are more disruptive than the students who are actually speaking. Not to mention the staff member who walks around and threatens these students that he is going to call security to kick them out - speaks at the top of his lungs. Seriously, first floor is nowhere near as loud as ground floor, and if people studying want silence they can use the quiet study room or go upstairs!

  • Noise control

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    You NEED to do something about the noise on the 4th floor. It is supposed to be a quiet zone but there are bands of kids up here in gaggles talking absolute nonsense for hours on end. Put more signage indicating it is a quiet zone or have someone patrolling regularly. Right now it is ridiculous and unworkable.

  • lecture capture

    lecture capture system is getting worse... you cant rewind without it stalling. is it going to be upgraded sometime???

  • pls tell security guard to be quiet : [

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    the security guard at the door at reid library had the communication radio on very loud volume this morning (the one who sits there overnight)

    can you tell them to turn it down? disturbs the whole floor....