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  • Noise control

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    You NEED to do something about the noise on the 4th floor. It is supposed to be a quiet zone but there are bands of kids up here in gaggles talking absolute nonsense for hours on end. Put more signage indicating it is a quiet zone or have someone patrolling regularly. Right now it is ridiculous and unworkable.

  • lecture capture

    lecture capture system is getting worse... you cant rewind without it stalling. is it going to be upgraded sometime???

  • pls tell security guard to be quiet : [

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    most annoyed


    the security guard at the door at reid library had the communication radio on very loud volume this morning (the one who sits there overnight)

    can you tell them to turn it down? disturbs the whole floor....


  • End-of-transaction receipts at High Demand checkout stations

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    At high demand checkout stations (I only use Reid and BJM) there's only one option on the screen when you come to the end of the process - to print an end-of-transaction receipt (or check account information I believe). There's no other button to exit/finish from that screen unless you print a receipt.

  • Hi, can you please address noise around silent zones in Reid and BJM libraries?

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    Please consider placing permanant signage on each study booth/desk, and having library staff conduct half-hourly walkthroughs to approach and deal with noisy students.

  • Please patrol postgrad study room at Reid library

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    Dear library staff,

    Please patrol postgrad study room as there were belongings left on multiple desks but no one is occupying the desk. I am a postgrad student but am unable to find a desk for me to study in the postgrad study room. As a result, I had to go to other floors to study.
    Please also ensure the people who are using the postgrad study room are actually postgraduate students.