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  • Powerpoints on new study desks

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    Would it be possible to add power points to the new desks in the Barry J Marshall library? Otherwise there would be no point to students studying there if we can't charge our laptops.

    Thank you

  • High Demand Items

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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    At present if someone wants to take out a high demand item that is currently unavailable they have no way of requesting the item.

    They could just wait around the high demand loan section and hope they might find the person who currently has the book in the hope that they will not take it out again, but this seems highly impractical.

  • book suggestion

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    B. L. Moore

    May I suggest purchasing the following book?

    Jürgen Beyer, Lay prophets in Lutheran Europe (c. 1550–1700) [Brill’s series in church history and religious culture 74] (Leiden &. Boston: Brill, 2017)


    and the review in
    Church history and religious culture 97 (2017), 472f. (Alastair Hamilton)

  • Endnote

    I hate your night staff. I'd gone to the desk and not one but two of them deleted half my Endnote library. I'm on the verge of making a legit complaint about the library. Get staff who know what they're doing or don't have staff at all!

  • HELP ME!

    How come there is never a help desk person at law? Anytime I go to Reid BOOM help desk person waiting to help. Anytime I go to law SAD cause there is no help desk person. Make some of the help desk people come to law! Law people need help too!

  • Standing desks for the library

    Please install standing desks into the libraries! Sitting for long hours and being sedentary isn't too fun. Seen a few DIY standing desks made by other students around as well. It would also add convenience for people who only need to use a table for a short period of time (i.e. sending off an e-mail)