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  • Allow login and sync of passwords for Chrome browser

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    Chrome browser on the library computers will not allow bookmarks, extensions and passwords to be synced for logged in users.
    There is no justifiable reason for this.
    Removing this restriction would make it a lot more convenient and efficient for students without laptops.

  • In order to reduce the noise, you should fix the door - a prolonged problem

    Hi Reid Library,

    I am writing this email to make an appeal about a situation in the Postgraduate study space in Reid library.

    The postgrad study area in the second floor in the library is a restricted area for Postgrad student to have a quiet place to study and/or work on anything. There are three restricted exits (as I can see) but only two had been physically available for usage in the past year. However, from the summer break, even one of the two exits has been labeled 'No entry through this door' to 'reduce the noise' in the space.

  • New desks on 1st floor of science library are so small!

    I love that there have been heaps of new study spaces at the science library, but I'm not sure why the new 2 person booths on 1st floor have such a teeny tiny desk! No way two people could fit both laptops on one of these

  • FBI looking dudes

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    What's up with those FBI looking dudes around Reid library recently? Full on white shirt, black tie and an ear-piece. What's this, the plagiarism police?

  • Reid collaborative zone desk hogs

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    Anonymous student

    Ever since the refurbishment of the collaborative zone, there have been fewer spaces available. Probably because the desks are too small and can only sit one person. Also, with the desks that go around the circle, they are always unattended items and some people spread out all their stuff across the entire desk when they should be using 1/6 of it.

  • Non-UWA Students Usage of Libraries

    To whom it may concern,

    As a UWA student of the past three years, now entering my postgraduate studies I am highly concerned about the usage of UWA libraries by non-UWA students, particularly high school students during peak/exam periods.

    Firstly, I've experienced great difficulty getting a seat in the library in these periods. I appreciate that the library is making an effort to add new study spaces, but this will be in vain if we continue to allow the immense volume of high school students to flood the university at this time.