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  • Notes

    There has been no note acceptor on Reid library card top up machine for ages now. Please fix it, very poor not having this especially for international students!

  • Buy a book "molecular biology of cancer 4th edition by lauren pecorino"

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    Buy a book "molecular biology of cancer 4th edition by lauren pecorino"


    Molecular Biology of Cancer
    Mechanisms, Targets, and Therapeutics

    Fourth Edition

    Lauren Pecorino

    June 2016å

    ISBN: 9780198717348

    400 pages

  • broken

    Typical. Your webpage is broken. It just says page not found after you submit a suggestion.

  • donewiththis

    Your front desk staff are abysmal. I can’t believe the library allows such rude people to work on the desk where they are responsible for interacting with patrons and helping. Let me tell you, there are several front desk staff who are consistently rude, abrupt, and condescending. My friends and I are very rarely greeted by anyone friendly or helpful. How is this at all appropriate? Seems at odds with the rest of the university. You should work on the professional conduct of these staff and that includes their disposition and how they act when speaking to patrons.

  • Quiet

    I am at present in the postgraduate room having come here to find a silent place to study. There are students who come here with friends and speaking to each other about everything under the sun and it is really distressing. Please do something about this, as it causes a lot of disturbance and loss of time for students like me who come here hoping to complete maximum work in the available time. I have spoken with the staff at the desk who were most unhelpful and suggested I contact Pam during daytime hours.

  • standing computers

    Hi, I like to use the standing desks on the bottom floor. I have a back injury and they are great for working while allowing my body sufficient time in a standing position such that my spine can resest and my hamstrings don’t become too tight, however I was told off by staff for using the computer. I had been using it for about fifteen minutes before someone informed me I had to leave. I found the interaction quite distressing as staff did not allow me to close my work before leaving.