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  • Outage noticeboard

    It's quite pathetic that the university does not have a central notification system for IT outages like every other organisation has. Today both unifi and onesearch went down and I had to go and ask other people what was going on. How am I meant to prove this to my unit coordinators. Check out and related services, to keep staff and students informed. Communication in relation to IT at this university is absolutely atrocious.

    (Not your fault btw, I know IT is seperate, but how do I contact them?)

  • High Demand Loans

    Hi, I found the library staff to be really unhelpful about high demand loans. Can we please stop the consecutive return and loan of high demand books, the staff at the library are aware of students doing this making it impossible to check out.
    They even told me to "just buy the book myself" when I queried when it was due for return. What is the point of the library if they tell you to just buy the book when you are unable to afford it.

  • Inactive sockets in PG study room

    There are many sockets, that does not work in the PG study room in Reid Library. Please, check the sockets and replace the ones that need to be. It really annoys others who are studying because people keep roaming in search of an active socket.

  • weekend jobs

    Where's the advertising for student library jobs? I spend weekends in libraries and it looks like a sweet gig + I need something that let's me earn 'n learn at the same time. Can you put the advertising up?
    Cheerz :)

  • Reid Library Vending Machine Water Not Cold Enough

    Hello, I’d like to inform you that the Mt Frankin bottled water isn’t as cold as it used to be. If I’m paying $2,60 for some premium water, I’d expect it to be extremely cold. Maybe they could change the algorithm so it dispenses the one that’s been in for the longest time.

  • Book purchase suggestion

    Your name: 

    dear University Library.
    can you consider purchasing this book on landscape architecture.
    You have the two previous volumes books in this series but not the new volume 3.
    Book details are
    The Wirtz gardens part 3. ISBN: 9085867088

    Hyper link at:

    Thanks you for considering from Michael.