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  • Keep phone silence and turn off vibration notification

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    Hi, can you help to inform other users to also turn off their vibration notification? I have quite a few occasions that some users constantly receive text msg and their phone keeps vibrating on the table and producing nuisance noise. It seems that their phone was in sync with their laptop and they were having a chat with their friend on laptop but they left the phone on the table which constantly vibrate when they receive txt msgs.

  • Add statistical Excel add-on powertool on BJ Marshall computers


    For (i think) all degrees in the science faculty, we need to use certain programs to calculate statistic results of data for reports, experiments etc, which are common assessments used in science.

  • Book Suggestion

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    Mehmet A Arslan

    - Title : Hands on Applied Finite Element Analysis
    - Author / editor : Prof. Dr. Mehmet A. Arslan
    - Publication Year : 2015 / 1st Edition / NY
    - Short reasoning: good book for classroom use
    - Publisher :
    - ISBN / ISSN : 978-0-692-33217-7
    - Paper or electronic form : Hard cover book

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  • Seats

    Please provide adjustable height seats in Reid Library. Most of them are non-adjustable and not very comfortable

  • Extra loud noise

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    Jisatsu Sitai

    It sounds like there's a concert going on outside Reid library. How is anyone supposed to study. This is a university.

  • Reid Library 1st floor entrance


    Just wondering if you could clarify why the first floor entrance is still not open to the rest of the campus; it's been well over a year since it has been closed without any specific reason. The infrastructure is clearly in place to enable general access and I am not the first person to raise this issue. From what I can understand, it not only makes logistical sense from a student/staff convenience perspective to have more than one well established entrance/exit location to the library, but more importantly, it make sense from a safety perspective.

    Thank you for your help