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  • Seats

    Please provide adjustable height seats in Reid Library. Most of them are non-adjustable and not very comfortable

  • Extra loud noise

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    Jisatsu Sitai

    It sounds like there's a concert going on outside Reid library. How is anyone supposed to study. This is a university.

  • Reid Library 1st floor entrance


    Just wondering if you could clarify why the first floor entrance is still not open to the rest of the campus; it's been well over a year since it has been closed without any specific reason. The infrastructure is clearly in place to enable general access and I am not the first person to raise this issue. From what I can understand, it not only makes logistical sense from a student/staff convenience perspective to have more than one well established entrance/exit location to the library, but more importantly, it make sense from a safety perspective.

    Thank you for your help

  • Library kitchen and computers on the first floor

    The new Medical and Dental library is reallly nice.I just have some minor suggestions for the kitchen area. It would be really useful for there to be a bin in this section as well as napkins and disposible cutlery for when you forget to bring your own, like the other libraries on campus.

    Something else that would be useful is if there were computers on the first floor for general use. It can be hard to concentrate on the ground floor when using one of the computers as this is more of a collaborative area.

    But overall this is a wonderful new space which I enjoy studying in.

  • Automatically search AUS/US spellings on Onesearch

    Would it be possible to have Onesearch automatically search for both Australian and United States spelling? E.g. "organisation" and "organization", "colour" and "color" etc.

    It's always a bit annoying having to search twice for the same query.

  • Problems accessing Library room bookings from iPhone

    I used to be able to book group study rooms from my iPhone. Now the page won't load, and if I select the 'use page reader' option nothing happens when I enter the details for a booking.