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  • Turn off/down aircon on 4th floor

    Could you possibly turn down the air conditioning on the 4th floor? It is freezing up here!

  • Temperature in the Postgraduate Study Room

    Is it possible to turn off the aircon/turn on the heat in the Postgraduate Study Room?

    Kind regards

  • Find Love

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    Where can I find love at uni? I’ve tried everything and nothing’s working. Maybe the university could do some speed dating events so that I don’t have to graduate depressed and lonely.

  • Opening hours

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    Consider opening the library for 24/7 for medical students.

  • Adjustable chair for Postgraduate Study Room

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    I would like to give suggestion for the Postgraduate Study Room at level 3 of BJ Marshal Library.
    It would be better if all the chair is replaced by the adjustable chair so the height can be adjusted.
    For a tall person like me it would painful for my back since the desk is to low.
    I noticed that most of the study desk on all level of the library are using adjustable chair except Postgraduate Room Study.


  • Clean gum off underside of desks

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    Grace anonymous

    Please clean the gum off the underside of the desks in all your libraries (particularly in Maps Library in Science). It is disgusting and makes me unable to sit without getting it on my pants.