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Chairs in new MedDent Library are too low for the desks

The new desks and chairs in the refurbished library are all lovely and new - but the chairs are too low for the desks!!

I'm not a short person, and even I find the ergonomics difficult. Studying for any length of time at one of the workstations is going to be hard on the spine.

Hi, I have found since the

Hi, I have found since the changes to the chairs have been made, they are now too high for the desks. Perhaps this is a personal preference, but is there a way to change the height of these chairs manually? Thank you.

Thank you for your

Thank you for your comment.

We are aware that the newly added chairs on the ground floor at the Medical & Dental Library are difficult to adjust and, as part of a review of the new library furnishings, are currently investigating ways to allow easier user adjustment of these chairs.

Kind regards,
Sandy, on behalf of the University Library.

Hi, Thanks for your


Thanks for your feedback.

Many of the chairs in place at the Medical and Dental Library are temporary, as the new furniture is still arriving.

Could you please get in touch again if you are still experiencing issues when all of the new furniture is in place? This should hopefully be by the end of next week.

Kind regards,
Emma, on behalf of the University Library