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I am at present in the postgraduate room having come here to find a silent place to study. There are students who come here with friends and speaking to each other about everything under the sun and it is really distressing. Please do something about this, as it causes a lot of disturbance and loss of time for students like me who come here hoping to complete maximum work in the available time. I have spoken with the staff at the desk who were most unhelpful and suggested I contact Pam during daytime hours. I am not here during the day but would appreciate if this person could be notified so the situation can be permanently resolved.

Hi, In response to student


In response to student feedback, Library staff are now conducting regular patrols across all floors (including Postgraduate rooms) of the libraries during semester. This will enable noise issues to be dealt with more effectively.

Kind regards,
Emma, on behalf of the University Library

Hi, Thank you for your


Thank you for your Suggestion.

The SMS PAM (Please Assist Me) service is available at all times while the library is open.
If other students are not complying with the study zone rules please use the SMS PAM service to contact staff who will attend to the situation and find a solution to the problem.
For more information on PAM and to find the contact number for your library please see the following page.

Kind regards,
Jay on behalf of the University Library