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Your front desk staff are abysmal. I can’t believe the library allows such rude people to work on the desk where they are responsible for interacting with patrons and helping. Let me tell you, there are several front desk staff who are consistently rude, abrupt, and condescending. My friends and I are very rarely greeted by anyone friendly or helpful. How is this at all appropriate? Seems at odds with the rest of the university. You should work on the professional conduct of these staff and that includes their disposition and how they act when speaking to patrons. A lot of students are stressed and would appreciate a friendlier presence in the library.

Thank you for your

Thank you for your suggestion. We take pride in our usually high standard of customer service and would like to apologise for this negative experience you had in the library. We employ UWA students to staff the library after hours and this behaviour is not representative of our Student Library Officers, whom we recruit and train to be dedicated, helpful and knowledgeable about library services. We would like to investigate this further and would appreciate if you could contact Daniel Chan, Service Delivery Coordinator to provide more information about the date and time of your interactions. We thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

Kind regards
Daniel on behalf of the University Library