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Echo360 Subpar?

Being From an hour and a half away makes me want to do all the work I can from home as ill get more done. When where paying upward of $1000 per unit, I would expect better online lecture recording solution. When the lectures show a few slides and the rest of the class is on the blackboard its extremely frustrating to try and piece together the material. Honestly why are there no cameras showing the front of the room, I cant imagine it would be a great expense and would be extremely useful in most cases, as shown at other institutions. Also the set time for them is ridiculous,either a lecturer feels obliged to finish at the exact time and miss what he want to get across, or he continues, and people online miss it. it is also common for it not to work at all in some cases and then your just expected to look elsewhere. For A leading university, I think it should really be up to date with online learning as it seems to be trending that way with all the big name universities.

Thank you for your comments.

Thank you for your comments. UWA is endeavouring to provide our students and staff with the most appropriate and user-friendly online environment in teaching and learning. We have recently upgraded the Learning Management System to Blackboard which will enable greater interactive participation and improved access to resources. As yet, there is no live streaming of lectures available but it is something that can be considered in the future as technology and funding allows.

on behalf of the UWA Library