University Library Suggestions


Update Faculty Name

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The Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences changed its name over two years ago to the Faculty of Arts. The old name is listed in the Faculty affiliation pane above. Please update.

CMO access

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Please make CMO easer to access i.e. add it to the quick links. Current process is inefficient for such an important service.


My Library Loans

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When you use the Library computers to check your library loans, you are asked to sign on using Pheme username and password. Once you have completed checking library loans, you Log Out and then are prompted to end the single sign on session. To make things easy, the Success page could either:

- have a link to 'return to library webpage'
- automatically redirect to the library webpage if you are on a computer within the library catalogue computers IP range.

Graduate Research School Navigation Docs/Links Missing

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The Graduate Research School recently updated its online forms and guidelines.

There are two pages I found which are missing: documents and/or navigation links that work. Please have a look:

A. Navigating from:

GRS Page Title: Research proposal differences

Link from: "1. Research Proposal Differences"

To: ERROR -- Should open up to a file but instead I receive a MYSOURCEMATRIX Error message at:


Shortcut ways to get to a Google Search from the library computers

It is very frustrating that typing search terms into the address bar in IE on the library computers does not result in a search. This seems to be a pretty common feature in modern browsers.

Instead, it takes me to "" - a feature I can't imagine anyone (except perhaps library staff) uses very much in comparison to Google.

Borrowing history

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Is it possible for us to see our library borrowing history (as in, all the books we have borrowed in the past)? I would find it really interesting, and it would potentially be useful in cases where you are trying to remember a book you borrowed previously. It could perhaps be an option when logging in to see current loans.