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Reid library

Maintenance Reid Library

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There are a number of circular fluorescent globes that need replacing on the north side of floor 3 at the Reid and maybe elsewhere. The doors to the toilets east side of floor 1 & 3 could do with hinges lubricating to reduce squeaking. Thank you.

opening hours

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i am just wondering why doesn't reid library have 24hour access? even curtin and murdoch university has 24 hours learning spaces....

Staples refill in postgrad study room Reid Library

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There are no staples in the staplers in the postgrad study area at Reid Library. Where can we access them? Its small, but an important thing when printing multi page documents.
Thank you!

talking and chocolates

Why do you hate us UWA??? First you close the main entrance to the library and make us walk all the way down to the ground floor and now you change the first floor to a quiet zone when everyone wants to talk there. Isn’t that why there are large group sized tables??? It is hard to know what is going on or even who works here anymore. All the staff have abandoned us, gone with the money spent on the new project. We need to see them again because they were nice when they handed us chocolates at the start of semester and wore their yellow shirts. BRING BACK THE YELLOW SHIRTS!!!

Water Fountains on Map

It would be great if water fountains in the libraries could be marked on the floor plans, especially with all the changes happening in the Reid. Thanks.

Work in Reid Library level 2

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I'd like to know how much longer the work will be ongoing in Reid Library Silent Study area as it is causing a significant disruption. I'm also wondering why this work is seemingly so important that it could not have waited until after exams...