University Library Suggestions


cleaners finish before opening

It would be more conducive to study if cleaners were to finish cleaning before the library opened. Instead of having to hear them banging around with their bins and trolleys whilst trying to study.

Fix the lights in the study rooms please

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unsatisfied person

Just want to inform you that a few of the table lights in the Reid Library study rooms are not working (either flickering, or can't be turned on at all) and it would be nice if they could be fixed asap as the room lights are pretty dim and bad for the eyes.

(Pretty sure with the fees international students are paying, this should not be a problem)

Please withdraw permission for students to eat on levels 1-3 of the Reid library. There are food smears and scraps on study tables and sticky keyboard keys; and smells

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My suggestion is to make levels 1-3 of the Reid Library into non-eating food zones. This would get rid of sticky keyboard keys on computers, food remains and smears on study tables, litter from food containers on tables and over-flowing from small rubbish bins. And then there is the smell of other students' food while one is trying to work.

Since the Reid is not cleaned until the following day, all food-remains sit there overnight, encouraging cockroaches and becoming a health hazard.

Reid Library Existing Entrance

Open the existing first floor entrance on Reid library. Students who are going to physics building or arts building don't want to walk down then up again.

Broken power outlets in Reid

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There at least 4 dysfunctional power outlets on the Reid library ground floor. It would be really useful if they could be marked with 'out of order' or something.

I am also concerned that they may be somewhat dangerous, as there is one that doesnt even fit a plug in (it's like something is blocking the prong from going it) and maybe if someone tried to push there laptop charger in too hard they may get an electric shock or something.

It's already pretty hard to find a spare power outlet in Reid library, especially during exams!



Adjust the automatic opener sensor on the Reid entrance door


The Reid exterior auto sliding door (from the outside looking in, the left one) has a very close proximity requirement before triggering the door. People generally have to walk right up to it, step back, then reenter. It is terrible during peak times.

Can it be fixed so it opens from a longer distance like the other 2 doors there?