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Online library accounts display loan due dates in MM-DD-YYYY format. This should be changed to the Australian DD-MM-YYYY for consistency.

The online library accounts display loan due dates in the American MM-DD-YYYY format. This should be changed to the Australian DD-MM-YYYY for consistency and to avoid unnecessary confusion. The email reminder for due loans for instance uses the DD-MM-YYYY format to display due dates.

Revise Library Onesearch!

It would be great if the logging in process and usability of the library's OneSearch system could be improved or reverted back to previous versions that were simpler to use and more intuitive!

It is very annoying to have to sign in multiple times to access content through OneSearch.
The new OneSearch system is also incredibly slow to load/respond, is not intuitive and seems to have become harder to use than previous versions. This is especially annoying when you want to access multiple items and need to log in each time!

Stop trialling new onesearch or give us the option of using the old one

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Did no one actually test the new onesearch out before forcing it onto the entire student body? You can't even backspace a search in the new onesearch without going back 5 pages. It's near impossible to highlight text you just put into the searchbar, the cursor just goes between characters without highlighting anything. The lag is unbelievable. Don't know what could have made it seem like a good idea to be first in the world to trial a new system.. At least give the option to use the old system as well as this new one, because the new one is useless.

Take more steps to improve OneSearch

Hi there.

I understand a lot of people here are demanding the old library catalogue be returned, which can't happen because you're on a new library system. However, I do think OneSearch results need to be ordered more appropriately.

I understand I can limit down the search in advanced, but for most searches I shouldn't need to. Take a look at this for example. Jump onto OneSearch and type in "financial accounting" without quotes. Keep the tab open.

Onesearch problems

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The switch from the old library catalogue to Onesearch has proven to be both inefficient and highly unpopular. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" needs to be the guiding rule for any changes to the library system. Restoring the old catalogue will, I believe, save the library a lot of time in the long run.

OneSearch not working

Every time I try to make a search on OneSearch, it takes a long time to process and finally comes up with the message 'An unexpected error has occurred.'

Is there anyway to fix this?