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Quiet zone on first floor

It's gotten to the point where the half-hourly reminders over the PA that "this floor is for quiet study, not collaborative study" are more disruptive than the students who are actually speaking. Not to mention the staff member who walks around and threatens these students that he is going to call security to kick them out - speaks at the top of his lungs. Seriously, first floor is nowhere near as loud as ground floor, and if people studying want silence they can use the quiet study room or go upstairs!

Noise levels in teaching room 2

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There is a group of delinquents being obnoxiously loud and disrespectful in teaching room 2. They are constantly laughing and talking even though it is a silent zone.

Library Quietness Disturbed by Group Tables on First Floor

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The tables on the first floor seem to encourage groups of students who want to chat while they study. Naturally, they ought to be in the collaborative zone or cafes around the campus. It would be appreciated if perhaps there was better signage posted at these tables to remind students that this zone is a quiet zone and these tables are inappropriate for group study. Or otherwise other methods to discourage group work done at these tables.

1st floor?

Can the group tables please be removed from 1st floor? It is essentially a defacto-collaborative area now. There's no point in asking staff to help when every single table is talking. The problem is it looks collaborative.

Cleaners laughing and talking on the silent 3rd floor

Dear Barry J Marshall Library,

Could you please tell your cleaners to work more quietly. Two mornings in a row now there have been 2 cleaners walking around on the 2nd and 3rd floors laughing and talking. The third floor is a silent zone and the noise level should be at a level conducive to study. Could you please inform your cleaners to alter their disruptive behaviour.

Noise Level 1 computers BJM Library


People continue to use the computer area on level for group discussion and it can get really loud and hard to concentrate. I tried moving but then there were other people starting to make noise in that location also. There are still no signs that clearly say that the computer area is a quiet zone. So I wonder if most people even know. The screen saver display does not say where the study zones are so what use is it?