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new website

CMO access

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Please make CMO easer to access i.e. add it to the quick links. Current process is inefficient for such an important service.


Improve the IS front page to clearly refer to the Library and refer to library in quick links

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Can we improve the IS front page (and the quick links) to clearly refer to the Library -
The page looks like a description of IT services (including those that support the library) but is not obviously the library interface and this is made worse by the fact that on my screen the library links are not even visible as they fall below the displayed material.

Separate Library Catalogue

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New webpage is terrible and confusing.

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Your new webpage view is terrible and confusing. I'm a regular user, I can only imagine the problems a new or guest user might experience:(

If you are going to stay with it the OneSearch, CMO and Lib catalogue box should be moved to the top so you know at least realise you're at the Library site. I would anticipate that most people visiting the site are wanting to search for a resource. Therefore it should be available front and centre.


search non-UWA libraries

How can I search for an item in other non-UWA libraries? I can't seem to find the link on the new website.


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The new IS protect doesn't seem to be correctly formatted for iPhone/iPad users.....