University Library Suggestions


Improvement of the night time staff conduct

My suggestion is regarding the conduct of the night time staff at the library. Too often when night time staff are approached for information there is an attitude of 'I couldn't care less'. Often I am simply told to come back during the day time which is impossible due to the nature of my studies and research. Surely at least some of these staff could be trained in a similar manner to the day time staff who, on the few times I have approached them, seem far more qualified and knowledgeable about the library and university.

headphones broken

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Every headphone at every computer in every library is broken. This is completely unacceptable.

Unattended belongings in libraries

As somebody trying to find a free place in the library that also has power points/ethernet ports, I'm finding it very difficult as people keep leaving their belongings (including expensive laptops!!) on desks as to reserve it. I don't believe this should be allowed as there are limited desks. I for one don't feel comfortable moving another persons stuff just to take 'their' desk. This happens on all floors of all libraries. I believe they should take their stuff with them and relinquish their place, and face the uncertainty of finding a place as the rest of us do.
Thank you

talking and chocolates

Why do you hate us UWA??? First you close the main entrance to the library and make us walk all the way down to the ground floor and now you change the first floor to a quiet zone when everyone wants to talk there. Isn’t that why there are large group sized tables??? It is hard to know what is going on or even who works here anymore. All the staff have abandoned us, gone with the money spent on the new project. We need to see them again because they were nice when they handed us chocolates at the start of semester and wore their yellow shirts. BRING BACK THE YELLOW SHIRTS!!!

Allow more communication with a book's borrower.

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A book which I wanted to borrow isn't due back for over 6 months. The only way to communicate with the borrower would be to recall the book, seeing as how this book is for extracurricular reading I would feel guilty that maybe they haven't finished with it. On the other hand though, I could see how someone could forget about the book and only be reminded once the library notifies them of the upcoming due date.

It would be nice if I were able to send a message or notify the borrower that someone else wants to use the book without having to recall it.

Arrangement of desks

The way the study desks are arranged on the first floor with 2, 3, or 4 together in a row tends to encourage people to sit with their friends and chat, more so than when the desks were separate/back to back. It's very hard to find somewhere quiet to study.