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Stop trialling new onesearch or give us the option of using the old one

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Did no one actually test the new onesearch out before forcing it onto the entire student body? You can't even backspace a search in the new onesearch without going back 5 pages. It's near impossible to highlight text you just put into the searchbar, the cursor just goes between characters without highlighting anything. The lag is unbelievable. Don't know what could have made it seem like a good idea to be first in the world to trial a new system.. At least give the option to use the old system as well as this new one, because the new one is useless.

Unifi at Reid Library

Unifi seems to be unstable, disconnecting and reconnecting, which is causing trouble with authenticated sessions in my browser. Requiring me to log in numerous times.

Would be great if this could be looked into.

Chrome instead of ie

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Internet Explorer generally is just a poor browser - can the computers have Chrome as a default browser (or at least Firefox?)

Update the web browsers


Could you please update the browsers / add Chrome tot he current browser options.

Both IE and Firefox are outdated and some websites run buggy on them. THis is particularly noticeable when using the invaluable Google Docs.

Please and thank you.

Echo not working?

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I am trying to access Echo to view lectures for some of my classes and for each unit the following message appears:

"block_multi_echocenter/connect() timed out!"

I'm curious as to whether this is particular to my computer/LMS account or if it is happening to everyone, and if so could it be fixed?

Browsers on Reid library computers

Why are we still using internet explorer on the Reid library computers? No matter which computer I use I always have problems with it struggling to open new tabs, not being able to load certain things, etc, which I don't have in faculty computer labs where we can use different browsers. Also I often find I can't use acrobat reader within the browser which makes it difficult to view lecture slides and journal articles.