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Please consider buying this book:

Russelll L. Ackoff and Fred E. Emery, 'On Purposeful Systems - An Interdisciplinary Analysis of Individual and Social Behavior as a System of Purposeful Events' (Aldine Transaction 2006)

I'm not sure whether there's a newer edition, see:

Thanks a lot.

Post grad room vacuuming in EXAM STUDY WEEK 9am

Today in the postgrad study room, there were about 5 cleaners in the postgrad room all at once. Two of whom were vacuuming. Others who were dusting and loudly emptying the bin. It is rather ridiculous to have all of this going on in a silent study room when we are trying to study for our exams, it is very distracing. This was at 9am, you would expect cleaning to be finished by this time. It would be better if cleaning was completed during the night or very early in the morning.

Reid library 3rd floor rooms

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Please refurb the group study rooms on the 3rd floor of reid. they are terribly small and can barely fit two people in there. Not to mention it is hecticly claustrophobic and im not even a claustrophobe. Some of the lighting in the rooms do not work as well or flicker which is annoying. It is dark, foreboding and kindve scary to study in these rooms!

Desk swastikas in Reid Library

The desks in the postgrad area of Reid Library are arranged in the shape of Nazi swastikas. As a member of the Jewish community, I find this very triggering. Would you consider rearranging them in an anticlockwise direction?

Laptop table Charging

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Would it be possible to repair the charging tables in the first floor quiet room? I find it quite hard to charge my laptop when theres only 4 power points on opposites sides of the room. It would be extremely convenient if this is done.



Please provide adjustable height seats in Reid Library. Most of them are non-adjustable and not very comfortable