University Library Suggestions

Reid Library

Dirty Computers

Why are the computers and surrounding desk space in Reid Library always disgustingly filthy? Do they ever get cleaned?

Reid Library and my SSAF

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I’m just a student

SSAF fees are $298 this year and I know half of it goes to the guild, but that’s still a lot of money left to deal with the extraordinary high number of non-functional headphones in the library. Whoever designed the ground floor really needs to reconsider his/her job. Did they even bother to ask students what they’d wanted? The majority of desks are occupied by one student because the desks can only fit one student. It was so much better before. And can someone please tell that elevator to shut up. It’s making too much noise.

noise in Post grad

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Could signs maybe be posted around the area outside the Post grad study area asking students not to make phone calls outside the door, the noise carries through and it's very distracting if you're using the computer area.

Temperature in the Postgraduate Study Room

Is it possible to turn off the aircon/turn on the heat in the Postgraduate Study Room?

Kind regards

Find Love

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Where can I find love at uni? I’ve tried everything and nothing’s working. Maybe the university could do some speed dating events so that I don’t have to graduate depressed and lonely.

Reid Library Vending Machine Water Not Cold Enough

Hello, I’d like to inform you that the Mt Frankin bottled water isn’t as cold as it used to be. If I’m paying $2,60 for some premium water, I’d expect it to be extremely cold. Maybe they could change the algorithm so it dispenses the one that’s been in for the longest time.