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Reid Library

Quiet zone on first floor

It's gotten to the point where the half-hourly reminders over the PA that "this floor is for quiet study, not collaborative study" are more disruptive than the students who are actually speaking. Not to mention the staff member who walks around and threatens these students that he is going to call security to kick them out - speaks at the top of his lungs. Seriously, first floor is nowhere near as loud as ground floor, and if people studying want silence they can use the quiet study room or go upstairs!

pls tell security guard to be quiet : [

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most annoyed


the security guard at the door at reid library had the communication radio on very loud volume this morning (the one who sits there overnight)

can you tell them to turn it down? disturbs the whole floor....


Study areas

Hi, I notice that many people leave their things unattended on the tables for a prolonged period of time during lunch period. I feel that it is a bit inconsiderate for those who actually need the space to study. Would it be possible to do something about it?

Hi, can you please address noise around silent zones in Reid and BJM libraries?

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Please consider placing permanant signage on each study booth/desk, and having library staff conduct half-hourly walkthroughs to approach and deal with noisy students.

Please patrol postgrad study room at Reid library

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Dear library staff,

Please patrol postgrad study room as there were belongings left on multiple desks but no one is occupying the desk. I am a postgrad student but am unable to find a desk for me to study in the postgrad study room. As a result, I had to go to other floors to study.
Please also ensure the people who are using the postgrad study room are actually postgraduate students.


First floor entrance

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Are there any plans to do anything about the first floor entrance?

I understand you guys probably don't want theft but what about making it entry only with a turnstile?

It's really annoying coming from physics/geology.