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Why cant the library provide gold coins to students in exchange for notes?

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AS the library hasn't fixed the machines that top up our cards for photocopying in a year, why cant the library collect the coins and give some to the librarians so they can be exchanged for notes? I don't carry my debit card everywhere but I usually have some notes. Coins are difficult to obtain from shops but the library must get a huge amount every week.


There has been no note acceptor on Reid library card top up machine for ages now. Please fix it, very poor not having this especially for international students!

Staples refill in postgrad study room Reid Library

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There are no staples in the staplers in the postgrad study area at Reid Library. Where can we access them? Its small, but an important thing when printing multi page documents.
Thank you!

chrome web print

Can you guys hurry up and fix web print on chrome? It hasn't been working for ages

And on that note, how come all the new desktop machines don't have Chrome? How many times have people asked for this, only for a blind eye to be turned? Every other university - for that matter, practically every faculty at UWA - has Chrome installed on their lab PCs

Printing autoloader stations need maintenance

The EFTPOS machine on the level three Reid 'Autoloader' cannot read the chip on debit cards. As this is a card only machine this basically means the entire autoloader register serves no purpose. Ideally the EFTPOS registers will be upgraded to allow for contactless payment technology.

Black and white printing for webprint

Would please allow the selection of black and white printing from webprint because currently all printing is treated and charged as colour printing even if you go to a black and white printer.