University Library Suggestions


Solar benches

Any chance we could get solar benches with wireless charging like the ones at Curtin. It’s a bit sad that the best uni isn’t trying to compete with their competitors.

Revise Library Onesearch!

It would be great if the logging in process and usability of the library's OneSearch system could be improved or reverted back to previous versions that were simpler to use and more intuitive!

It is very annoying to have to sign in multiple times to access content through OneSearch.
The new OneSearch system is also incredibly slow to load/respond, is not intuitive and seems to have become harder to use than previous versions. This is especially annoying when you want to access multiple items and need to log in each time!

Date format

It seems like OneSearch is presenting dates in American format now, for example in the due date for items on loan. This is pretty unhelpful, particularly in the first 12 days of the month, and without the emails reminding us items are due I wouldn't have even realised the items were due soon as the date was the wrong way around.

Unattended Baggage

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Can you please remind students not to leave unattended baggage around campus. As a former airport employee, I find it hilarious that a university would allow students to leave bags unattended, without causing an evacuation. Many times last year, I observed many bags left in rooms around the engineering buildings and libraries. Some of these bags had laptops in them with cables coming out into powerpoints.

Fix the timetable website on iOS devices

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An anonyed student

Surely someone in the IT department knows how to write a few lines of HTML to fix this unacceptable problem. I find it completely irritating that the timetable website does not have an easy to use interface that is touchscreen friendly. I miss the old timetabling system. It was so easy to use.

Using Inbox by Gmail as an option for student email

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Would it be possible to turn on "Inbox by Gmail" for (at least) the student GSuite?

It's essentially a modern, organisable form of Gmail with the ability to eg. pin important emails at the top of the page (eg. if I need to think about a reply), add reminders, 'swipe' away emails when they're done to archive them etc.

I tried accessing it earlier today and reached this page: so I figured it'd be best to ask and see - I realise that the introduction of a new product necessitates testing etc.