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Title: A Modern Guide to Old World Singing: Concepts of the Swedish-Italian and Italian Singing Schools
Author: David L. Jones
Publisher David L. Jones
Publication date September 15, 2017
Language English
Product Dimensions 6 x 0.6 x 9 inches
Shipping Weight 14.9 ounces
Book length 286
ISBN-10 154390887X
ISBN-13 978-1543908879

Music library staff for music library

I have to ask what is with the music library staff? When I go to ANY other library on campus the staff are so helpful and know pretty much everything about the library. When I go to the music library the staff seem to know NOTHING. This semester I've asked for pretty basic stuff like for them to loan me a piece of music that is literally sitting on a shelf behind them with a note saying what it is for and they look at me like I've asked them to recite Shakespeare in Gaelic. Is it really so hard to get someone who knows the difference between Mozart and Bach to work in the MUSIC library.

Music Library Opening Hours

Similar to the suggestion for the EDFAA library, can the music library be open at 8 am? I understand it may be difficult to find staff to open it earlier, but many music students arrive at university early for rehearsals etc., so it would be great if we could also use the library for study in amongst that time. Otherwise it is a waste of time to go to Reid first and then have to move back to Music after 30 or so minutes. Thank you.

Book required for research topic

As part of my Masters Thesis on comparisons between Chopin and contemporary alternative music, I require the following book by Jeffrey Kallberg: Chopin at the Boundaries: Sex, History, and Musical Genre.

If it is able to be ordered by UWA libraries it would be greatly appreciated, as I feel it will be integral to my research.


Music Library Noise

Sorry to make yet another suggestion regarding noise, but this should be the first one about the Music Library in particular. Students using the computers are often talking loudly about topics that clearly are not work-related. I think the computers are a 'Quiet' zone, not a 'Silent' zone, but since they are the only computers available in the Music Library, it would be great to be able to concentrate on work that necessarily has to be done on a computer.

Music Library hours

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Could the Music Library be open all week like Reid? I'm a PhD in Music - and need to access scores that are in the library. However, my time to do so is limited by the current hours of the library. It would really be helpful if we could get better access, including all days of the week. Please?