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Chairs in new MedDent Library are too low for the desks

The new desks and chairs in the refurbished library are all lovely and new - but the chairs are too low for the desks!!

I'm not a short person, and even I find the ergonomics difficult. Studying for any length of time at one of the workstations is going to be hard on the spine.

Up to date

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Hi, since they updated OneSearch, there isn't a link on the UWA Resources for Answering Clinical questions to the actual databases. Therefore, when you click on a database that you want to use, you are just forwarded to OneSearch. I could have started at OneSearch if I wanted that, but then I have to sift through the OneSearch options to actually find what I want.

Please restore the links.
Thank you

Exam period opening hours

Hello. Could you please consider having the extended opening hours during exam period run over the weekend after exam period as medical students have their exams the week after everyone else. At least at the med den library. Thanks.

Increasing the Unifi Signal Strength

Please increase the Unifi signal level in the Med library, I am getting just 1 bar for unifi while sitting in the library, and sometimes I do get disconnected.

the stair way smells like a musty old basement, and lift is out of order. It's difficult for people with asthma/hay fever to climb

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Install ventilation panel in stair well.
And fix the lift please

Journal rebinding urgently needed

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History student

I wonder if you have the budget to rebind some of the early volumes of the Medical Journal of Australia. I appreciate that the medical information is probably obsolete, but they are of considerable historical interest and are in very bad shape.