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LMS is a joke - it never works. And we don't receive any notification when it is down or due to be fixed. I don't understand why WebCT was replaced when there was nothing wrong with it!

Please turn the volumes up on the computers

Could you please turn the volumes up on the computers? When I'm watching lectures I can only just hear it if I'm lucky. I don't have this problem on computers at home. Thanks.

Get Rid of/ Simplify/ Make Blackboard Accessible ASAP

It is difficult to use. Does not allow double tabs on the internet. Is difficult to download a simple lecture.

Even ECU has a more simple Webct thing than UWA does!

Provide easier access to all Lectopia recordings

Could IS give students easier access to available lecture recordings? Lecture recordings - both current and archived - are an excellent learning resource, and given that lectures do not change significantly from year to year in e.g. the Business School, it would be great to have access to past recordings for self study or interest purposes. Perhaps an index page with links to unit pages on the Lectopia site?

Stop using WebCT

Can we move away from WebCT? I understand it isn't an easy task, but the quality of WebCT is just shocking, and the newer Blackboard isn't much of an improvement. I can't even open two WebCT windows at once, and Blackboard is a mess on mobile devices. I appreciate that CATL has some sort of LMS review going on, but the information available for students hasn't been updated in months and I have no idea if any progress is being made on this.

Headphones not working

What’s the point of Lectopia if half the headphones in this place don’t work?!