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There have been a few times when the lecture has recorded the audio but not the visual

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There have been a few times when the lecture has recorded the audio but not the visual. That is, you view a blank screen, not slides, when the lecturer talks. A recent lecture on 3/04/14 at 1:00pm in physics: ross lecture theatre (G41) failed to record visual for the unit anhb2217. It makes it impossible to follow what the lecturer is saying half the time because he uses the drawing tool a lot to show pathways and structures during the lecture (which shows up on the recording usually). Is there any way to fix this before tuesday so that students can catch up before the next lecture?

Echo not working?

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I am trying to access Echo to view lectures for some of my classes and for each unit the following message appears:

"block_multi_echocenter/connect() timed out!"

I'm curious as to whether this is particular to my computer/LMS account or if it is happening to everyone, and if so could it be fixed?


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Can the lecture recordings please be linked to the lecturers use of the microphone and not a predetermined time. Recordings are proceeded by minutes worth of nothing and are cut short. Lectures may be scheduled for 45 mins, but frequently go longer.

Making lecturers keep to a precise 45 minute schedule will not be possible as they are humans. Allowing the recordings to match the use of the mic or simply go until 10 to the hour will be possible as the recording devices are machines.


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I'm not sure if it's just me or echo is not working. When I try opening the lectures that had been recorded, the page just kept loading and nothing ever comes up. If echo is having a problem, please fix it up soon! Thank you.

Downloading both screens on LCS

Could it be made possible to download both screens of lectures rather than only one screen. As lecturers tend to write on one side and have a powerpoint on the other - then refer to the powerpoint whilst writing on the other screen.

Recording start and finish times

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I see that lecture recordings are scheduled to begin 3 minutes early and finish 1 minute later than the official lecture time. In my experience, lecturers have NEVER commenced the lecture more than a minute early and almost ALWAYS go over time.

Thus, I would suggest that the lecture recording starts only one minute before the lecture and continues 10 minutes past the official end time.