University Library Suggestions

Internet Access

Stop trialling new onesearch or give us the option of using the old one

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Did no one actually test the new onesearch out before forcing it onto the entire student body? You can't even backspace a search in the new onesearch without going back 5 pages. It's near impossible to highlight text you just put into the searchbar, the cursor just goes between characters without highlighting anything. The lag is unbelievable. Don't know what could have made it seem like a good idea to be first in the world to trial a new system.. At least give the option to use the old system as well as this new one, because the new one is useless.

making a suggestion takes you to a 404, page not found.

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The thank-you page following making a suggestion is missing.

Increase the session time for University library website login.

The university website logs you out in very less time, there should be an option saying keep me logged in, like most websites have. It becomes annoying when you come back to the site and click on the link and it says not accessible, log in first. please increase the session time. It gets so annoying when you are writing essays to login every time.

Junos Pulse

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Please consider updating the version of Junos Pulse available on the UWA Software webpage to 5.1R5.1 (build 61437). The one that is currently available, 5.1.5 (build 60701), frequently crashed when used on OS X El Capitan. Thank you.

Better Communication of IT Problems

There have been a series of problems with UWA IT this semester including, in my experience, three occasions when either UNIFI or LMS have been unavailable. It is unhelpful to ask one of the staff on the front desk of the libraries as they haven't got a clue what's happening.

Can something please be done to better communicate IT problem status to end-users?

improve Blackboard system

Would it be possible to add 'quick links' to the new blackboard system, as there was with LMS? It was so much easier to access email and the library website that way.