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Education, Fine Arts and Architecture (EDFAA) Library

END Auto sign-out of OneSearch

It is bloody annoying to have OneSearch sign out automatically after a few minutes. Facebook doesn't require it why can't you!!!

If the issue is security well consider this: Having it log out automatically is only useful on public computers in the library. For people using OneSearch at home or college it is not helpful, it is more of a hindrance and distraction.

In fact I would argue it is a greater security risk to have it log out automatically because it increases the likelihood of advanced keyloggers retrieving sign in information.

Opening Hours for EDFAA

Education Students has a different timetable and we have started second semester today. I used EDFAA to do my research and work on my assignment and find it frustrating that even though Education students follow a different semester timetable, there was no consideration in opening the library hours longer (The Medical and Dentistry Library opens until 10pm for their semester). Would you please consider opening the EDFAA for longer hours like the Med/Den Library. Thanks.

Water Fountain Installation

I suggest an installation of water fountain / water refill near or inside the EDFAA library. The EDFAA library is really nice and I enjoy studying there. However, it gets quite frustrating when I have to purchase water from the cafe after I finish my own bottle. It would be much convenient if there was a refill inside the library like the Reid Library does.

Buy a book by Benedetto Cotrugli

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Could you please buy a book by Benedetto Cotrugli Edited by Ugo Tucci

title of the book is L'arte di mercatura

Lighting in Edfaa Library

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The lighting in the quiet study area at the back of library (windows facing Stirling Hwy) is very low. The lighting throughout the library is fine except for this one rather large area. My peers and I have commented on how you have to sit at a desk next to the window otherwise its just to dark to work effectively.

Insufficient lighting in quiet study zone

I am a little disappointed in the lack of lighting in the *new* EDFAA library's quiet study zone at the back of library (facing Stirling Highway).
The desks that are not along the windows or behind columns are very dark. This is uncomfortable. The lighting in this area greatly varies to the lighting in the computer areas.
It is extremely noticeable when you are on a laptop as your eyes need to adjust from a well lit screen to a not so well lit desk.