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Hygiene concerns for library computer keyboards


Please could the keyboards on the PC's in the libraries be cleaned, especially those on the first floor of Reid. This issue has only escalated since food was permitted to be consumed in the library from last year.

It is an opportune time given the semester break and conclusion of exams.

Thank you in advance

change onesearch login time

something and you get interrupted. See? This time it's onesearch logging you off! It's so annoying

change onesearch login time

its really frustrating when you're in the middle of

network drives

at around 7.45-8pm every night, something weird happens on all library computers - the network drives become unavailable temporarily. I presume a server is backing up, or rebooting, or something. Anyway, it only just started happening this semester and it's REALLY, REALLY annoying. Can you get IT to look into it and revert it to how it was before?

onesearch is unintuiative

If I search for the exact title of a book, it should be the first result in OneSearch. Not 6 or 7 journal articles and book reviews relating to the said book.

Automatically search AUS/US spellings on Onesearch

Would it be possible to have Onesearch automatically search for both Australian and United States spelling? E.g. "organisation" and "organization", "colour" and "color" etc.

It's always a bit annoying having to search twice for the same query.