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Where to get support if you are feeling stressed

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University Library

Here at the Library we recognise it’s a hard time of semester for many students, and we wish you all the best for your exams and assignments.

These are a few of the places that can support you if you are feeling stressed:

weekend jobs

Where's the advertising for student library jobs? I spend weekends in libraries and it looks like a sweet gig + I need something that let's me earn 'n learn at the same time. Can you put the advertising up?
Cheerz :)

Book purchase suggestion

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dear University Library.
can you consider purchasing this book on landscape architecture.
You have the two previous volumes books in this series but not the new volume 3.
Book details are
The Wirtz gardens part 3. ISBN: 9085867088

Hyper link at:

Thanks you for considering from Michael.

Praying Area

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It is very frustrating to search for praying area in the library. In the main campus, you can easily go to the prayer room in Winthrop Hall, but it is very helpful if there is a prayer room in every library. So you do not need to leave the library. I suggest using the area below the stairs beside the Learning Suite in J.Robin Warren library (as I usually do my assignment here). Please just ask the cleaner to clean the area and put a carpet there. Moslem pray 5 times a day, so it will be really helpful if the library can provide a praying area. It doesn't need to be a big room actually.

Sleeping area

There are people often having a lie down on desks or chairs around the library. Maybe the university could have a designated area where people can sleep in sleeping pods or where they are allowed to sleep for a bit instead of sleeping at the library.

Respond to suggestions faster

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Why does it take you so long to respond to the suggestions?
It's almost as if you're not really interested and just doing this for show.